Free features

We have no limitations in chat functions - you can use
all online consultant features

  • One consultant for free

    You have one place for the consultant for free

  • Chat on the site with visitors

    Classic way of consulting online. We don't limit chat functions. You pay only for extra options

  • Quick answers

    Use canned messages for frequently asked questions of guests. The system will automatically continue the answer as soon as you start typing

  • Brief information
    about the visitors

    The source of transition to the site, date of the first calling, number of visits, the city is displayed. browser type, quantity and addresses of the seen pages

  • Offline-form

    Callpy will send questions of guests to e-mail so far consultants are offline, will collect contacts of guests. You can adjust a window form offline so that it was automatically developed and suggested clients to leave contacts (e-mail, phone)

  • Observing what visitor
    is typing

    Consultant can supervise how visitor is typing a message, even before its sending

  • Browser

    Do what you need to. The system will inform you about new events (new guest on the site, incoming messages and calls, missed calls)

  • Spelling check

    Spelling check before sending messages to client

  • Design customisation of widget

    Online consultant widget will perfectly integrate in your site's design

  • Photos
    of operators

    Operators photo may be displayed in chat window and on the label

  • Ulimited number of sites

    Callpy supports operator's work on several sites

  • Sound notifications

    Sound alert for consultants about new important events (new guest on the site, incoming messages and calls)

  • Chat position
    on the screen

    Visitor and operator always see the needed content

  • Stable work in all of the tabs of the browser

    Chat and video-calls are available in all of the opened tabs (with saving of the chat history)

  • Protected connection (via HTTPS protocol)

    We support websites working at HTTPS

  • Chat history
    (in Communication panel)

    The chat history with clients is always available to the consultant right in the communication panel

Extended non-free features

Get the full access to all paid Callpy functions for reasonable price

  • Free
    1 workplace
    Basic features

    1 workplace - for free

  • Pro
    up to 5 workplaces
    Extended features

    1 workplace - from 40$

  • Enterprice
    number of workplaces

    1 workplace - from 60$





Online chat
Sending message to offline client
Links highlighting
Sending files
Screenshots via ctrl+v
Possibility to leave contacts
Chat history with unlimited storage
7 languages for widget
Audio messages
Group chats
Two-way audio call
Two-way video call
Switching between audio and video during a call
Switching off a microphone during a call
Swichting between front and rear cameras during a call
Full screen video call
Volume adjusting during a call
Call recording
Reconnecting after network problems during a call
Accept incoming call with mobile device via QR-code or with PC
Switching call to a mobile device via QR-code
Return a call to PC from mobile device
Calls statistics and system messages during a call
Call distribution system between departments and operators
Calls queue
Call order with SMS notification
One phone number for a site
Individual phone number for each consultant
Working hours for SMS delivering
Up to 3 departments for a site
Up to 20 departments for a site
Consultants groups for departments
Visitors distributions between departments
Transfering visitor to another department saving chat history
Hiding chat history between departments
Dynamic department change during navigation
GEO location filter for departments
URL filter for departments
Individual emails for each department
Hidden departments
Customisable pre-chat form for each department
Partner mechanism for consultants
Standard contact form
Intelligent automatic showing of contact form during conversation
Form constructor. Form customisation.
Forms with text fields and forms with buttons
Consultant can send any form to a client to fill it
After-dialog form with adjustable negative options
Automatic showing a form after conversation
Store all form data for 1 year and possibility to export in CSV
Online/offline time statistics for consultants
Active time spent in Communication Panel daily
Statistics for dialogs, unanswered dialogs, audio/video calls hourly / daily / monthly / annually
Statistics for average respond time for each consultant
Statistics for average rate of dialogs
AB-test statistics
Group statistics for each site
Graphic display for statistics
Number of visitors, consultant and dialogs online at the moment
Visit number statistics
Dialogs number / unanswered dialogs number
Responding time statistics for each dialog, SLA
Rejected dialogs statistics
Dialog initiator statistics (client, consultant or system)
Waiting time statistics for different types of dialogs
Dialogs transfer statistics
Goals reach statistics
Co-browsing statistics
Consultant rating statistics
Visitors reaction to auto-message statistics
Offline form statistics
Quick answers statistics
Group statistics by site, consultant, period (week, month, year).
Statistics in tabular view
Integration with site database
Integration with authorized zones of a site
Integration with CRM
Creating leads and contacts in CRM from Callpy interface
Searching contacts in CRM from Callpy interface
Editing contacts in CRM from Callpy interface
Creating task in CRM from Callpy interface
Integration with social networks
Integrations with helpdesk systems
ZenDesk integration
Integration with analytic systems
Google Analytics
Work in any browser
Windows App
Unlimited sites number
Sound notification management
Personal sounds for notifications
Browser notifications management
Design customisation
Flexible interface customisation
Visitors observe settings
Real-time data about all visitors online
Chat status, tab status, dialog status of a client in real-time
Goals of a client in real-time
Response time indicator
Detailed client data
Chat history
Client's form data
Client's browser
Client's OS
City and country
Client's data from site database
First visit date
Number of visits
UTM labels
Page navigation history
Keyboard data on each page
Text chat in Communication Panel
Smiles in text chat
Favourite smiles
Lists of clients: new, dialogs, groups, important, etc.
Sorting and filtering of clients
Dialog searching by phrases or words
Setting tags for chat
Opening and closing dialogs
Important clients list
Blocked clients list
Audio / video calls
Transfer chat to a consultant or to a department
Possibility to initiate a dialog as a consultant
Observing client's site page
Navigation management
Sending any form to client to fill
Send message history to e-mail
Renaming client
Quick answers
Copying messages from chat as a text
Possibility of viewing client's message before sending
Chat between consultants only
Team section with list of all consultants of a site
Customising photo and name for each site separately
Add message to quick answers with 1 click
Group quick answers by colors
Group quick answers by site
Group quick answers by consultants
Selecting quick answer by few symbols
Selecting quick answer only with keyboard
Filtering quick answers
All statistics
Customising widget design
Switch on/off observing client's tab
Observe how client switches tabs of a site
Remote control by requesting from client
2-way co-browsing
Stopping remote control by client
Stopping remote control by consultant
3 types of widget for each site
Saving settings when switching between types of widget
More than 30 ready for use color themes for different site design
Creating and managing goals
Composite goal with several events
Different type of goal events: click on a element, navigate to page URL, filling a form, etc.
Auto messages by different conditions
Condition based on time spent on a site or page
Condition based on number of viewed pages
Unlimited scripts by setting conditions and actions
SLA parameters for each site
Real-time viewing of all ongoing dialogs
Group chat with unlimited members
Select the amount of workplaces
Select lisence period
1 month
3 month
6 month
1 year
2 years
2 years
Summary: 0.00 $
License type
  • More than one consultant
    (Possibility to hire

    You will be able to hire unlimited amount of consultants and manage them between you sites

  • Detailed information
    about clients including

    The system collects contacts of clients from open sources (a name, an avatar, phone, Skype, the site, the FB profile) even when consultants aren't online

  • Exporting contacts
    of clients (in *CSV)

    You can save the contacts of site's visitors as a file

  • Live watching

    Supervise visitor actions in real-time

  • Automatic greeting

    Callpy can automatically offer the help to site visitors

  • Holding

    If consultant doesn't answer to a client, a message with an offer to wait for an answer or to leave email will be sent to a client

  • Calls from site

    Free online calls between clients and consultants

  • Video calls

    Make live video presentations right on your site

  • Navigation management

    Guide visitor through a site, show content

  • Hints

    Highlight and comment elements on a visitor's site page

  • Highliting of the areas

    Highlight something on a page and visitor will see it

  • Chat transfer
    to another consultant

    Consultants can transfer dialogs between each other

  • Branded chat
    with possibility of customising
    images and logos

    Extended customization of style of a widget. You will be able to introduce elements of a corporate style, to create your own unique design of a chat and label

  • CRM integration

    Allows to attach the dialogues in the chat to contacts, create new contacts right from Callpy, give targets, automatically save the chat history in the CRM, automatically save the client's contacts in the CRM

  • Detailed statistics

    Represent visually the quality of work of consultants. Control of chats, operating time, efficiency of employees

  • Block spam clients

    Consultant can block a client by adding him to the blacklist

  • Sending of the dialogues
    by email

    Sending of the dialogues history by email

  • Notification if the client adds the good to cart

    If the client adds the good to cart the system will notify the consultant about this immediately

  • Contacts request form

    Offers visitors to share their contacts before starting a dialog or during a dialog

  • Collecting contacts
    of the visitors

    Collecting contacts of visitors of the website through the Callpy form even when there are no consultants on the website. You can adjust fields in shape for collection of data on your discretion. This information is available to consultants в« information about a visitor» and in the list of clients. Data can be sent automatically to CRM System — contacts will be created. All contacts are possible to be download in *.CSV

  • Distribution by departments

    Create groups of consultants and distribute flows of visitors. Set filters by region or by page URL. In each department you can tune separate form with pre-chat fields.

  • Prechat fields

    Create personal forms to collect data about visitors of your site.

  • Offline message

    The possibility to write message to a visitor, which has already left the site. Visitor will receive message when he is back on the site. Visitor will receive the message when he is back on the site. The chat window will be opened and all unread messages will be shown.

  • Sending dialog to
    email from the consultant panel

    If consultant during a dialog receive important information from visitor, he will be able to send the dialog to any email address.

  • Targeted
    depending on page URL

    Sending messages to visitor's chat depending on page URL of the visitor.

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