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Online chat on site is a traditional way of online consulting. Free online chat for your site will increase sales without investments in advertisement and allows you to receive more positive feedback from your customers.

Chat or audio-video call window/of video call will always remain on the top of site, it do not disappear or reload while site navigation even if customer has opened several tabs.


Watching clients' activity leads to dialog personalization, which allows to increase customer loyality. Callpy provides the functionality of observing all clients' activity in realtime and helps to choose the most perspective.


Chat with active visitor

Remote assistant instruments

Active visitors on site

calls from site

Site visitor is able to chat with consultunt as well as to call to adviser in one click. Such calls are absolutely free for your consultants and clients.

Video calls

Carry out live video consultations on the site. It will provide guaranteed holding the clients and considerably will raise the average time of finding of guests on the site. Agree that the client is unlikely to suddenly leave the store at the time of live communication with the seller (in our case of audio/video call).

Area highlighting and
navigation management

The most necessary element of active sales is opportunity show the guest the needed content.

Navigation process Callpy includes guests guide through the links, contextual helps and highlight of elements on the page of the guest.

Design customization

Online consultant Callpy will perfect supply your site design due to disposing to communication vidget design. This will allow to increase efficiency site.

Answers store

Use canned messages to reply on frequent guests questions. Answer speed online of the consultant influences on guests loyality and the growth of sales.

Making auto scenarios

System of online consultantion Callpy will automatically offer to site visitor to start dialog with consultant.

According to statistics, automatic greeting messages increase conversion by 3,5 times.

We did maximum efforts to make our widget to be user-friendly and, on the other hand, increasing your sales.

Offline messages

There are plenty site visitors when your consultants are offline, for instance,, at night or at weekends. Callpy will send clients' questions on e-mail, while consultants are offline or away.

This feature allows you 2,5 to receive much more feedback messages, comparing with ordinary site feedback form.


Crucial indexes allow to rate quality of service of site visitors quickly. Your consultants quality is shown graphically, you can clearly control their working hours.

Work in your favourite browser

Cloud service allows you not to do complicated adjustments and installations of software and incorporate new standards of service in your company. Consult site visitors from any device in any browser. No need to install. Minimal adjustment.

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